Is It Possible to Satisfy Everyone?

If someone said your laces were undone you would simply bend over and tie them without a moment’s hesitation wouldn’t you?  If they asked you to describe how you tie your shoe laces you would have to think it through and possibly find it difficult to adequately describe all the movements required to achieve this. Think of these movements and how difficult this simple task would be for someone who has mobility issues – you would be right to suggest ‘not easy’. Now imagine the struggle for the same person attempting to use an adult toy for pleasure!

Have you ever considered the phrase “to walk in someone else’s shoes”? This means to understand some aspect of life from another person’s experience and point of view. Not surprisingly this methodology is often referred to when designing products for the less abled and the associated problems that go with it. As product designers we apply this approach every day and most of the time it is not easy as you may expect. At the very simple end of the scale it might be possible to sit in a wheelchair and experience the problems of self-closing doors or reaching for items on the top shelf in a supermarket, but the majority of the experiences designers try to understand are often much more complex and perhaps none more so than when sexual satisfaction is in question.

How many of us have given any thought to the difficulty a less able person might have in achieving sexual satisfaction? What about a person who needs continual care and support? How do they satisfy their own needs when it might be impossible to even reach ‘down there’? How do you talk about this with a carer, especially if they are a family member? There are no easy and uncontroversial solutions for this particular situation but there are answers for people who experience difficulty in their reach, twisting, or gripping in everyday situations. Why should matter of sexual satisfaction be any different? It is arguable that what works for a less able bodied person will work even better for an able bodied person so it is beneficial to everyone to make the design of adult toys as inclusive as possible. Consider this, why should an able bodied person struggle just because they can adapt to make an inconsiderate design work?

The adult toy industry often talks about everyone having the right to sexual happiness and fulfillment but can it honestly say it offers all that it could?

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