Sexpo UK 2015 visit

Having left early to head off to London for the inaugural Sexpo UK 2015 visit to Olympia, it was encouraging to see a queue had already formed as the doors opened.

Sexpo was aimed at the public and billed as the ‘world’s biggest sexual health and lifestyle expo’. With the external factors occurring in France, it was no wonder the visitor numbers were down but an impressive 10,000 attended over the weekend, according to organisers Carnal Creative.

We certainly enjoyed our experience with many exhibitors and product stands, stage acts, bars and informative seminars covering all aspects of the industry. The Metro published an interesting article on “14 things you won’t believe I saw this weekend” which explained a lot from a visitors point of view.

We met many of our old and existing clients and were introduced to a number of very interesting parties. There were many thought provoking conversations had which we all hope will flourish into either new or evolving product developments.

Of particular note, William from Doxy Massager was busy being well received alongside the exquisite and well produced Lovearc. An interesting conversation was had with Neil from Luvsense who explained his product with great passion and belief. Amongst others, Jason from adultxfunding will certainly have been kept busy by visitors with potential new sex toy ideas. The enthusiastic Adam from Godemiche, with his hand-poured silicone products, shows great potential to thrive.

Adam from Hot Octopuss was showing the excellent and award winning Pulse Solo and Pulse Duo sex toys on his slick and well-presented stand.

Sexpo would not be complete without a mention of Pricasso who was being commissioned and completing portraits using everything but his hands. He was stood proud, donned with only his big pink hat, painting away. And last but not least, the pups from Puppy Pride UK were busy being fed and playing in their petting zoo.

Unfortunately, we had to head off early for another client meeting elsewhere in London, so missed out catching up with yet more people. Sated Design are confident the event will be even bigger and better next year.

Sexpo UK 2015 visit selected photos:



Ever had a new sex toy idea?

New sex toy idea - Making your sex toy idea happen

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Some of us at one time or another, may have had a new sex toy idea and we thought it could be the next big thing. The journey between the initial idea and seeing it on the shelves can be a very rewarding experience. However the road to success is littered with hidden pitfalls. Many companies and inventors struggle, or even fail, to develop a new product without appropriate assistance.

First and foremost, our role at Sated Design is to assist businesses in developing a new sex toy idea or improving an existing product so it is ready for its intended market.

Turn your new sex toy idea into reality

A typical sex toy project process would include one or more of the following stages:

1. Review – the new idea may be good, but does it tick all the boxes to be a successful and commercially viable product? This is the first step along the road and allows you to decide whether it is worth continuing or not.

2. Funding – Developing, protecting, manufacturing and distributing a product will require a substantial financial investment. How are the necessary funds going to be raised?

3. Protecting – There is no point having a great product if a copycat competitor steals your market advantage. What type of intellectual property protection is most suitable?

4. Developing the product – To take an idea from a rough sketch on the back of a paper napkin to a physical product rolling off the production line involves several stages. From the initial concept sketches, prototyping and testing, to producing data files ready for manufacturing, there are many elements to consider in development of a product.

5. Selling the product – All the hard work getting the product developed and manufactured will be for nothing if distribution and marketing fails. How are you going to get a good return on your investment?

Even the most accomplished will require assistance with a new sex toy idea which is where Sated Design’s expertise is invaluable. We work closely with all our clients to ensure they have all the support they need throughout the product development process.

Who we are – adult toy consultants

Sated Design was founded in 2003. We are a focused company who want our clients to achieve business success with innovative adult products that address the key factors of performance, reliability, cost and aesthetics.

We have designed many new sex toy ideas within the Adult industry. To date, our products have won Best Male Product for ETO, Winner of XBIZ Best Male Pleasure Product, Winner of Erotixx Highest Potential Product as well as several nominations for other Erotica Awards.

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We offer a complete product design for manufacturing service, including concept design and development, 3D CAD modelling and analysis, product visualisation and animation, prototype build including 3D priniting to production detailing and manufacturing implementation.