Sated marks one year since the first UK lockdown

Today the UK marks one year since the first coronavirus lockdown. Now is as good a time as any to ask ourselves to compare our lives 12 months ago to what they are now. What are we seeing? What positives can we take from this? How can we apply these to how we live and how we work going forward? Is there a better way?

We think it is important to talk about what Sated Design has done because providing guidance and support to our clients, is a large part of our work as product designers. If we can practice what we preach and show resilience as a business, offer sustainable alternatives, implement cost saving measures and a more beneficial way of working, we can encourage these businesses who wish to look at their own strategies for dealing with Covid19..

Here are some of the ways we have adapted to our ‘new normal’.

Providing for our staff

The biggest change for us has been the relocation of some of our staff as a result of social distancing measures. In the office we have made changes including staggered breaktimes, availability of PPE, a new layout for the office and become more aware of not gathering around the printers etc.
For those that now work from home there has been an improvement in the work/life balance and with the assistance of technology, it is possible to liaise between those who need to come into the office and those who can work from home to maintain what is essentially a normal working week.

Everyone has adapted to this new way of working without any drama and much of what we have implemented will no doubt influence how we operate as a business going forward.

Supporting our clients

With regards to our product design service and a client list that extends across the UK and overseas, we were already adept at using remote conferencing and real time on-screen CAD viewing to discuss projects so there hasn’t been any notable difference.

A great many of our projects take months to work through because of development, tooling and testing so a large proportion of our work is focussed on supporting work in progress. Current projects have continued with very little interruption. New enquiries come in every week and we are heartened to see an increase in enquiries as business confidence increases and we near the end of the imposed lockdowns.

Director Chris Howsam says “Businesses should be thinking ahead and planning for what happens when the lockdown is lifted. We have supported our clients by maintaining a constant service over the last twelve months so as soon as this is over, they can be the first out of the blocks”.

He continues “Taking action now will make all the difference when it comes to securing the future of your business. If you have a great idea and would like a little help to guide you through the journey of making it a reality, take this opportunity and get in touch”.