Planting the seed for a great product

Cast your minds back to Christmas 2018 (I know, it’s almost half a year ago already!) and you may recall being a lucky recipient of one of Sated Design’s extra special Christmas cards. These cards were extra special because they were created entirely from seeded paper. Within each piece of cut paper, was a plethora of wildflower seeds. No one had any idea what plants would grow, least of all us.

For a little experiment we planted the off cuts and spares in our own planters and the results have been better than we ever could have hoped. In early March there were signs of early seedlings and with plenty of nurturing we now have some spectacular wildflowers brightening up the office.

Marketing Manager Holly says “Christmas cards are an important way of showing our appreciation for our clients during the season of goodwill but we’re also very conscious of the environment and operating sustainably as a business. These seeded paper cards meant that we were able to send seasons greetings and messages of thanks without impacting heavily on the environment”.

The inspiration behind these cards is how we operate as a business. As a product design consultancy, we use our experience and skills to nurture, develop and grow the ideas of our clients; turning a seed of an idea into a market ready product.

Holly continues “We planted our own off cuts and spares and we’re delighted with the results. We really had no idea what or even if anything would grow. Between us we’ve cared for our wildflowers every step of the way, and that’s how we like to operate with our clients as a business”.

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