Different Shapes and Sizes

Silhouette Sex

In the world of adult products you would be very much mistaken for assuming that there is a limit to the range of toys available on the market. There is in fact a large variety of products out there to satisfy anyone’s desires; from rabbits to sleeves, from sensual to orgasmic, and importantly for all tastes and both sexes.

There are over seven billion people on our planet and no two people are exactly alike. On the outside (and inside) we may be similar, but in essence we are all unique and that uniqueness is often expressed as our likes and dislikes.

Sometimes we may share similar interests and dislikes with our contemporaries but in reality we all like different things that suit us personally. Because we are all inherently different, no single product will ever be perfect for everyone. Colour, shape, cultural influences, personal health and abilities, preferences in holding, stroking and the ubiquitous multitude of erogenous zones all add to the considerations an adult product designer must understand and work with. It is fair to say that there is no single toy design that will suit every user and that is why there is so much potential and fun in exploring and creating even more adult toys.

One of the more recent trends in adult toy design is that people are making more and more personal decisions about what sort of toy they want to buy and use, they are more confident in expressing themselves sexually with less fear of being judged. With people’s confidence increasing, there is a greater demand for a much larger variety of products, whether they are a slight alteration to a long existing design or something never seen, or thought of before.

With more than 15 years of experience of designing some truly unique products, here at Sated Design we continue to design and develop products to excite and satisfy today’s users.

If you have an idea for a new adult product, whether it is straightforward or complex, we at Sated Design can help bring your idea to life. We can take your concept through 2D visualisation right through to a fully working product ready to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas today.  We can help guide you through the journey of making your desirable product a reality.



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