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Adult toy product design company

Sated Design have many years’ experience producing prototypes for the adult toy industry. They generally fall into five types and cover many applications.

1. Sex Toy Cosmetic Prototypes – ‘looks like’

Used for evaluating product form, feel, ergonomics and styling, we use this prototyping level for marketing, photography, video, and focus groups. This kind of prototype will feature accurate likenesses of product forms, materials, finishes and surface textures but only from one or two elevations. The level of detail and the ‘wholeness’ of the prototype are often dependent on the application and the client’s budgetary constraints.

2. Adult Toy Proof of concept Prototypes – ‘works like’

A test-rig. This kind of prototype functions electromechanically in the same way as the final product.  This type of prototype is very useful as a proof-of-concept, demonstrating novelty for Intellectual Property, or to communicate core functionality. For example suction, vibrator motors, moving parts, or detachable accessories. What it doesn’t do is look exactly like the finished product – some or all of the external form may be cut away or missing, and the prototype is more ‘functional’ than cosmetic.

3. Sex Toy Presentation Prototype

The prototype is functionally and visually identical to the final product – sufficient to take the design to a meeting with potential buyers or investors, or to trial with product testers. Materials may not be the same as in production, and some manufacturing details such as draft angles will be missing but that would not be apparent. High definition 3D printed parts are common for this kind of prototype.

4. Pre-production Facsimile Prototype

Launching a product is a big leap, so it is crucial that our clients are confident that the designs we produce for them are right. To enable our clients to proceed with confidence, we use prototypes which mimic, as closely as possible, the product’s intended mechanical and aesthetic characteristics and manufacturing details. As well as for final sign-off, this kind of prototype is often used for achieving certification. While specific production-grade injection moulding polymers or casting alloys are not always available for prototyping, parts will typically be prepared from the closest possible material.

5. Sex Toy Prototype tooling

Where a product requires a very large tooling investment or will be produced in very high quantities, it is often recommended to produce a prototype tool to enable verification of the product before final commitment. These tools are usually single cavity, and made from softer steels or aluminium and can be used to produce small runs (up to 5000 typically) of finished parts. There have even been recent advancements in 3D printed tooling which can save thousands of pounds and cut weeks from the development schedule. Sated Design have experience of helping companies prove and deliver high-stakes tooling and can help your company make the leap with confidence.

Product Design Prototype – deadline looming

As well as a large catalogue of external suppliers for all manner of prototyping services, Sated Design has an in-house prototyping capability, enabling our expert model-makers to produce high-quality prototypes with fast turnarounds. Our facilities include:

• 4-axis CNC milling machine
• 3D printer
• Model-making workshop with extensive tools and materials
• Low-melt alloy casting
• Foam modelling
• Basic PCB manufacturing
• High quality, short lead time silicone parts. A wide range of colours, hardnesses and other effects are available, from solid colours to flesh-like appearances. We can offer a range of options to produce silicone parts to suit your project and budget.

If you have a new adult product idea or an existing product you want to develop for this fast moving market, we are the people to help you get there and succeed. Give us a call on 01626 774881 for a free of charge, confidential initial consultation.

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Yet More Sex Toy Product Design Awards

Electrastim Jack Socket ETO 2016 Awards| Sated DesignElectrostimulation Sleeve ETO Awards Winner 2016| Sated Design

Sex Toy Product Design Awards

Electrastim picked up the Erotic Trade Only (ETO) award for ‘Most Innovative New Product’ for their Jack Socket E-Stim Stroker at the annual ETO Show which took place on Sunday 12 and Monday 13 June.

ETO Show is one of the largest European trade shows for sex toy manufacturers and retailers, so the awards are always eagerly anticipated by the industry.

Congratulations to the innovation product award winners

Andy Smith from Electrastim said, “It’s such a great honour to take ‘The Most Innovative Product trophy, given the many sex toys nominated. It just goes to show how far the company has come and that e-stim sex has progressed from niche fetish. In just a few short years, we are now a double award-winning electro-stimulation sex toy manufacturing company”, concluded Andy.

“The best part was seeing Andy on a high especially having heard he was up till the early hours celebrating”, said Chris Howsam, Managing Director at Sated Design. Chris continued, “I know Andy will be delegating the drive home after his long and successful weekend. It was great to catch up on the Monday with some of our other clients and see the successes they were having and get an update on the whole industry.”

It’s not just here in the UK the Jack Socket has been recognised, it has gone global and has also picked up the award for Most Innovative Male Product at the 2016 Australian based Calvista Adultex trade exhibition. Click here to find out more.

Award winning product design input

Sated Design developed the new product with ElectraStim from the initial concept. The device’s compact design and textured, skin-like sleeve made from premium TPE materials allow the male user to experience an exciting and highly controllable stroking action. The stroker is connected to the manufacturer’s stimulator controller devices to achieve a unique experience by synchronising sophisticated electro-conductive silicone and great tactility.

Sated Design developed 3D CAD models and used in-house printing facilities to create complex prototype casting tools, to provide the client with  fully working, cosmetically accurate test units. Fine adjustments were made to optimise the sex toy design with the manufacturer before committing to tooling and production.

Other Sated Design consultancy award successes

This is not the first time Sated Design have developed a product for a client who has gone on to win awards. Doxy won the Coveted Editor’s Award at the ETO Show 2015 where they were exhibiting their new product; the Doxy Skittle. Sated Design also worked with Doxy to develop the Skittle on a very tight lead-time to make sure it was ready for the show. We began the project with concept sketches and took it all the way ready for manufacture. Click here to find out more.

In recent years we have developed products that have:

  • Won the Best Male Product at ETO and others that have been nominated for the category.
  • Won the XBIZ Award for Male Pleasure Product of the Year and also won the Erofame Erotixxx Award for Highest Potential Product.
  • Been listed in the Top 10 Gifts for Men at ETO.
  • Been listed in the Top 100 Pleasure Products at ETO.
  • Appeared in the TOP 10 Sales Chart of the ETO market place listings.
  • Been nominated for the Store Erotica awards.

Chris concluded, “Here at Sated Design we are always thrilled to see our clients succeed and we are proud to have helped them get there. We wish Andy and the team at Electrastim every success with their new product”.

If you have a new adult product idea or an existing product you want to develop for this fast moving market, we are the people to help you get there and succeed. Give us a call on 01626 774881 for a free of charge, confidential initial consultation.



The client-consultancy relationship


The client-consultancy relationship within an adult toy product design company

If you have worked with an adult product design company before, or are considering working with one in the future, then this article asks you to consider how the following elements combine to make sure the client-consultancy relationship is effective and achieves the best outcome.

Have a plan for your adult product design

You are both about to embark on a creative journey during which you will discover the needs and requirements of the product or service, given its intended user and environment. The aim is to provide innovative, functional, satisfying solutions using the experience and resources of both parties.

There can be a lot to manage and control within a design project so having a clear plan is vital in making sure that the end goal is met. Both parties should agree on this plan so that key stages throughout the project can be communicated effectively through project meetings and reviews.

These stages might include the processes the project needs to go through, such as concept development or CAD modelling and the date and or time this process needs to be completed by. That being said, some projects can involve very complex development where realistic deadlines need to be considered.

Effective control over the project stages and deadlines will also benefit the other aspects of a product journey which might include meetings with potential investors, manufacturing or trade shows.

Share your knowledge for the adult toy product design

Good communication between the two parties will ensure that the final product is as good as it can be. Product designers are experts in design, but the client is the expert in their particular market. The client generally has valuable information that the consultancy can use to improve the design and vice versa. For example, clients will often conduct market research prior to approaching a consultancy to ensure their product idea has a market to target and sell to successfully.

For a client to share that market research with a consultancy, a full understanding of how the product will be used and who will be using it means the consultancy can return valuable information on obtaining intellectual property or certain standards the product will need to meet. Most importantly from the design point of view is that the consultancy can fully understand how they can create a product that will be a success and meet the needs of the user and the intended use.

Aim to grow the adult toy market

Once a client and the product design consultancy have worked together, developed a successful product and created a strong relationship it often opens the way to working together again. It creates a great basis on which to extend a client’s product range, helping both businesses to grow and improve competitiveness within the respective markets.

This is how Sated Design sees the key ingredients of a successful client-consultancy relationship. If you have a similar vision, let’s start talking and improve the outlook for our existing and potential customers.

Follow the link to our portfolio to see the success we have had with other clients.



Quick paddle, it’s a hippo

Quick paddle, it’s a hippo - Zambezi Challenge - hippo sign

Paul Barton has recently completed some remarkable fund raising efforts to support Rowcroft Hospice and raising £5,250 to date in honour of his mother, Mary Barton. This included a 100km paddle down the Zambezi where he across an angry hippo.

“If you’re thinking about taking on an extreme challenge for Rowcroft, my advice would be to do it” said Paul, IT Manager of Sated Design. “I’ve just got back from one of the most amazing experiences of my life; it has changed the way I look at things – I also ache a lot”.

Rowcroft Hospice helps to make every day the best day possible for people with life-limiting illnesses across South Devon, helping families to make the most of every day. Every year it costs almost £9million to fund their services and the majority of their funding comes from the local community.

Paul took on two challenges to raise funds for Rowcroft.  The first challenge, in which Paul aimed to raise £500, was a Superhero Skydiving Challenge. He was a sight to behold, wearing a Spiderman suit, as he jumped from 15,000ft and reached speeds of 120mph. “I exceeded my target by over 400% and raised a fantastic £2,212.02 and all the money raised is going directly to Rowcroft”, said Paul.

The second one, was The Zambezi Challenge, where Paul bravely tackled the white water rapids of the Bakota Gorge, avoiding angry hippos, sleeping crocodiles (or so he thought) and high winds blowing him backwards. “I decided I wanted to take on something more challenging, so I signed up to take a 100km paddle down one of Africa’s most dangerous rivers. To date, I have exceeded my target and raised £3,038”.

Paul continued by saying, “The first day was without question the hardest, we had to cover 27km to reach our camp and be off the river before dusk, but unseasonal weather and high winds were blowing us backwards in the water. With no choice but to continue – seeing an angry hippo at this point was the last thing any of us wanted and that is exactly what happened!

“One of my most memorable moments was meeting an angry, isolated hippo on a narrow section of river. Our guide ordered us to paddle rapidly to the bank and get out; by this time the hippo was mock-charging and making quite a statement!  We saw hundreds of hippos on our journey; thankfully we only had a couple of close encounters like this one”, concluded Paul.

See what Paul endured on his fifth and final day of relentless paddling (115Km in total).  You can see Paul in Svens boat wearing a blue tee shirt. Watch out for 18:15 where the white water rapids throw him out of the boat! Also catch Paul’s appearances at these times: 2:30, 5:05, 7:20, 10:45 and 13:28.

“Please join us in congratulating Paul in his efforts and for this Christmas please make a donation via Justgiving for his tremendous efforts”, said Chris Howsam, Director Sated Design.  Chris continued, “We are extremely impressed by what he has put himself through and what he has achieved and we will continue to support him in future challenges”.

Paul finished off by saying “Rowcroft were truly amazing throughout and I know my family could not have got through that difficult time without their support”.

Quick paddle, it’s a hippo photo selection:



Sexpo UK 2015 visit

Having left early to head off to London for the inaugural Sexpo UK 2015 visit to Olympia, it was encouraging to see a queue had already formed as the doors opened.

Sexpo was aimed at the public and billed as the ‘world’s biggest sexual health and lifestyle expo’. With the external factors occurring in France, it was no wonder the visitor numbers were down but an impressive 10,000 attended over the weekend, according to organisers Carnal Creative.

We certainly enjoyed our experience with many exhibitors and product stands, stage acts, bars and informative seminars covering all aspects of the industry. The Metro published an interesting article on “14 things you won’t believe I saw this weekend” which explained a lot from a visitors point of view.

We met many of our old and existing clients and were introduced to a number of very interesting parties. There were many thought provoking conversations had which we all hope will flourish into either new or evolving product developments.

Of particular note, William from Doxy Massager was busy being well received alongside the exquisite and well produced Lovearc. An interesting conversation was had with Neil from Luvsense who explained his product with great passion and belief. Amongst others, Jason from adultxfunding will certainly have been kept busy by visitors with potential new sex toy ideas. The enthusiastic Adam from Godemiche, with his hand-poured silicone products, shows great potential to thrive.

Adam from Hot Octopuss was showing the excellent and award winning Pulse Solo and Pulse Duo sex toys on his slick and well-presented stand.

Sexpo would not be complete without a mention of Pricasso who was being commissioned and completing portraits using everything but his hands. He was stood proud, donned with only his big pink hat, painting away. And last but not least, the pups from Puppy Pride UK were busy being fed and playing in their petting zoo.

Unfortunately, we had to head off early for another client meeting elsewhere in London, so missed out catching up with yet more people. Sated Design are confident the event will be even bigger and better next year.

Sexpo UK 2015 visit selected photos:



Ever had a new sex toy idea?

New sex toy idea - Making your sex toy idea happen

Adult Industry Product Design Specialist Company

Some of us at one time or another, may have had a new sex toy idea and we thought it could be the next big thing. The journey between the initial idea and seeing it on the shelves can be a very rewarding experience. However the road to success is littered with hidden pitfalls. Many companies and inventors struggle, or even fail, to develop a new product without appropriate assistance.

First and foremost, our role at Sated Design is to assist businesses in developing a new sex toy idea or improving an existing product so it is ready for its intended market.

Turn your new sex toy idea into reality

A typical sex toy project process would include one or more of the following stages:

1. Review – the new idea may be good, but does it tick all the boxes to be a successful and commercially viable product? This is the first step along the road and allows you to decide whether it is worth continuing or not.

2. Funding – Developing, protecting, manufacturing and distributing a product will require a substantial financial investment. How are the necessary funds going to be raised?

3. Protecting – There is no point having a great product if a copycat competitor steals your market advantage. What type of intellectual property protection is most suitable?

4. Developing the product – To take an idea from a rough sketch on the back of a paper napkin to a physical product rolling off the production line involves several stages. From the initial concept sketches, prototyping and testing, to producing data files ready for manufacturing, there are many elements to consider in development of a product.

5. Selling the product – All the hard work getting the product developed and manufactured will be for nothing if distribution and marketing fails. How are you going to get a good return on your investment?

Even the most accomplished will require assistance with a new sex toy idea which is where Sated Design’s expertise is invaluable. We work closely with all our clients to ensure they have all the support they need throughout the product development process.

Who we are – adult toy consultants

Sated Design was founded in 2003. We are a focused company who want our clients to achieve business success with innovative adult products that address the key factors of performance, reliability, cost and aesthetics.

We have designed many new sex toy ideas within the Adult industry. To date, our products have won Best Male Product for ETO, Winner of XBIZ Best Male Pleasure Product, Winner of Erotixx Highest Potential Product as well as several nominations for other Erotica Awards.

Adult Toy Product Design Company

We offer a complete product design for manufacturing service, including concept design and development, 3D CAD modelling and analysis, product visualisation and animation, prototype build including 3D priniting to production detailing and manufacturing implementation.



New adult product launched Doxy Skittle

New Doxy Skittle

It’s the show season and straight after ETO was ANME. Great fun was had by all and Doxy launched their new adult product, the Skittle. Watch this space for more updates as this great British manufacturer goes from strength to strength.

New adult product launched Doxy Skittle

Aside from the powerful motor the Skittle contains, one of the main attractions of the Doxy Skittle is its universal appeal. Unlike most sex toys which are marketed to either men or women, Doxy Skittle moves beyond such gender-binary notions and offers pleasure to people, however you identify and regardless of relationship status. With a forward-thinking design which combines quality, power and versatility.



Adult toys using new materials

New materials for Adult Toys

We have seen all sorts of  new materials that are used with adult sex toys. Glass, wood and stone are some of the recent favourites but we never expected to see a faux wood effect. The jury is out on this one for us because we see innovation being more than a cosmetic wrapping.

Sex Toy Material Selection

It is always important to select the correct material for a product or certain parts of a product. Selecting materials to be used in sex toys are no exception. The material is key to creating the sex toy experience from glass toys that are smooth and rigid to silicone sex toys that are flexible and can be textured. Further developments in silicone materials feature the ability to conduct low levels of electricity which create a very unique experience. All materials used in sex toys need to be safe to use with the skin and at Sated Design our extensive knowledge and experience with material will ensure we can help you to create an innovative, exciting and safe product.