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Sated: to have a desire or appetite fully satisfied

The drive to have ones desires fully satisfied is common to us all and human ingenuity has been applied throughout the ages to satisfy that appetite. Our ability to employ the latest materials and technologies has taken us from the stone-age to exploring outer space and now into the information age. At each step of the way humans have applied those same advances to satisfying their desires. Sated Design is the embodiment of this awareness. We are a company of product designers who are working on the cutting edge of new materials, processes and technologies in an incredibly diverse range of disciplines.

History of adult Toys

30,000 years of history tells us that the future of adult products will be written by partnerships of those with vision and those with knowledge.

Sated Design offer a complete adult sex toy design for manufacture service, including concept product design and development; 3D CAD modelling and analysis; product visualisation and animation; prototyping and 3D printing; production detailing and manufacturing implementation. Our service can be easily tailored to suit the client and the demands of the smallest to the largest projects.

Sated Design is a name used for marketing the specific expertise of Hillside Product Design Ltd in designing adult pleasure products.