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Self Lubricating Vibrator

The client came to Sated Design with an idea for a new design for a sex toy product for the adult pleasure market which would feature a unique lubricant dispensing mechanism.

In addition to designing a high quality adult toy, the method of automated self – lubrication needed to be devised and incorporated into a compact space. The project started with concept designs of the appearance and lubricant delivery system. The mechanical method of delivering lubricant needed to be reliable, hygienic - with the ability to be washed and quiet. The sex toy design prototyping and testing were carried out at all stages of the project to evaluate the form of the product and the performance of the mechanisms. At the completion of the final design 3D CAD data and 2D control drawings were issued. Quality was ensured by liaising with the pleasure product manufacturer making sure specifications were adhered to during toolmaking and production.

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