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Electrastim Exo Rogue Prostate Massager

Our client for this project specialises in electro-stimulation products. The product is a prostate massager, built around a central frame onto which two conductive metal pads are assembled and secured in place with magnets. These pads form the electrodes that create the electro-stimulation sensation for the user. A silicone sleeve completes the assembly and ensures that the stimulation comes from the tip area rather than from the base of the product

The client came to us with a proof of principle prototype they had built and they asked for support from Sated Design to refine the design to be easily disassembled for cleaning and hygiene purposes. The components then needed to be developed ready for production at which point the client would take over and manage the project themselves.

Sated Design began by proposing a range of concepts exploring several assembly options. Preferred options were prototyped using 3D prints and this informed development of the ergonomics and how well the parts fitted and remained together. Several tests of the magnets were done and also a insulating silicone lower sleeve was prototyped as a means to complete the assembly of the conductive metal pads. This sleeve complimented the materials used as well as the visual and tactile aesthetic of the product. All parts were then optimised for manufacture and a manufacturing package was passed to the client.

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