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Display Stand

This project came to us from an existing client who required a custom display stand to exhibit their product range at events, trade shows and retail outlets. The stand was required to be versatile so that products of various shapes and sizes could be displayed upon it. It was also required to fit to slatwall display panels.

The design is made up of an injection moulded base with a slot to accept different upright supports. Each support is made from transparent acrylic and is tailored to suit a specific shape or size of product, including short and tall supports, a hooked support to hang smaller items and a support designed to carry a specific remote control product.

A detachable hook moulding can be inserted into the back of the base to allow the stand to be used on a slatwall panel.

The project began with a concept generation stage to sketch out the components and supports that were required and to get a direction on how the stand should be styled. Following this, a concept development stage was carried out to create 3D CAD models of the parts, make test rigs and prototypes to ensure the stand would support the client’s products correctly and prepare 2D quotation drawings to get costings and comments from manufacturers about toolmaking and production. Once the client had signed off on the design, the final stage was to prepare files and documents for issue to the chosen supplier and to liaise with them through to production of the first sample parts for inspection.

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