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Adult Toy Box

Many people living in a shared house would appreciate being able to keep certain possessions private or locked away. In this instance the client had a product idea which came about from their personal experience when living in a shared house at University. The brief was to design a lockable box to secure commonly stolen food and drink, medication and any other prized or private personal belongings.

Our experience told us that a great deal of adult toy users would like to maintain their privacy with the toys they have and we saw the potential for this product for users of adult toys. We have a large number of clients in the adult toy industry and we made an introduction between the client and BuzzPinky, a dynamic, fast growing retailer of adult toys. The two companies decided to collaborate and produce an opaque black Lockabox which was ideal for storing adult toys and accessories. This gave the client another exciting sales outlet for their product, and the retailer has a product which is unique in its market place.

Sated Design are always keen to see mutual introductions grow into successful partnerships and we look forward to seeing another product make its impact on the adult market.

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